Noor Ahamed Bauani
IPv6 Professional from Bangladesh
Better Computing, Happy Linuxing…

Ahamed Bauani is now Certified IPv6 Professional by Hurricane Electric, USA and Working on Deploy IPv6 Network in Bangladesh IPv6 Certification Badge for bauani
Ahamed Bauani
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    Resume -- Experience -- I was a Proud Member of Telnet Communication Limited, Who has State-of-the-Art Equipments to run Metro Digital Network that Flows Through Every Part of The Dhaka City and A Nationwide Backbone that Connecting All the Major Cities of Bangladesh. Telnet Communication Limited Offers STM-1, E1, SDH, FTTX connectivity, including customize and complex network for mission critical operations. Click Here to visit Official Website of Telnet Communication Limited

    BdLug.Org-Bangladesh Linux Users Group -- One and Only Traceroute Server which is Physically Hosted in Bangladesh (Sorry, Gone Offline but Commung Reallly Soon) -- My Current Project Related to Network Information and Solution of Bangladesh (This project Shutdown by Some nontech, business minded people, Who has a lot of power to stop anything like this. -- Uptime Report for .bd Domain Root DNS -- Mirror Archive of BdNews24.Com, First Online Newspaper in Bangladesh -- Performance of BdNews24.Com Master and Mirror Server -- Collections of Cool and Creative Blogs Posting, from Diffrent Part of Cyberspace -- Bangladesh Network Information Center - BDNIC -- BdLug.Org Mailing List Archive (Linux Related) -- Selected Tech News of Bangladesh
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